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●Record Of The Year
Let's Get It Started / The Black Eyed Peas
Here We Go Again / Ray Charles & Norah Jones
American Idiot / Green Day
Heaven / Los Lonely Boys
Yeah! / Usher Featuring Lil Jon & Ludacris

●Album Of The Year
Genius Loves Company / Ray Charles & Various Artists
American Idiot / Green Day
The Diary Of Alicia Keys / Alicia Keys
Confessions / Usher
The College Dropout / Kanye West

●Song Of The Year
Daughters / John Mayer
If I Ain't Got You / Alicia Keys
Jesus Walks / C. Smith & Kanye West
Live Like You Were Dying / Tim Nichols & Craig Wiseman (Tim McGraw)
The Reason / Daniel Estrin & Douglas Robb (Hoobastank)

●Best New Artist
Los Lonely Boys
Joss Stone
Kanye West
Gretchen Wilson

今回はRay Charles、Kanye West、Alicia Keys、Usherらの多部門ノミネートが目に付くが、個人的予想ではRecord Of The Yearが「Yeah! 」、Album Of The Yearが「Genius Loves Company」、Song Of The Yearが「If I Ain't Got You」、Best New ArtistがKanye Westあたりかなと感じるが、いずれにせよ来年2月の賞の発表が楽しみである。


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